Which course should i choose for my career in science?

so i am looking for a career in psychology and i was thinking about learning coding to help with my employability and skills and was wondering if anyone knows of any courses that would help in a science based career?
i have no idea what im looking for on here in this respect so i thought i would ask. I would be collecting qualitative data and analysing it as well as organising spreadsheets and presentations using charts and stuff. dont know if that explanation really helps clarify anything but ill say it anyway.

You could look into data analysis (Python) and learn Tableau for data visualization. I think both would complement the discipline of psychology (even for qualitative data analysis and smaller sample sizes). I would also recommend looking at the free/online version of Tableau Public to learn it (as the CC course is kind of outdated. Salesforce is constantly updating Tableau). There’s a whole library of learning resources on the Tableau site and they have a YT channel as well. Being familiar w/Excel is good too (or, Google Sheets or whatever). You can analyze data there (hypothesis testing w/2-tailed t-tests, etc) but, I think their charts, graphs, pivot tables are kinda limiting, compared to what you can do with a larger data set and Python libraries.

Good luck!

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