Which course is more suitable for a beginner?

Between Java and Web development and data schience, which one is more suitable for a beginner?

They are all quite different. I think Web dev teaches HTML and CSS, which are good, beginner friendly languages. It also teaches JavaScript, which is different to Java, and JavaScript is also quite beginner friendly. The Data Science course teaches Python (I think), which is very beginner friendly, SQL-which might be useful to know, and R (I think), which isn’t too great for beginners, but if you know Python, then R will be easy(ish) to pick up. As for the Java course-that is a standalone course, which only teaches Java. From what I know, Java isn’t the easiest language to learn, so I might come back to that (if you really wanted to learn it).

I hope this helps!


As a beginner choose a easy language such as C or Python(Depends!)
They create a foundation for learning other languages that you might want to learn :smile:


If you have never coded before, I suggest you start with Code Foundations and Computer Science Career Paths. They will teach you the fundamentals of programming and the typical language structures (conditionals, loops, objects, algorithms) that you will find later.


Yes that is also a great option if you chose code foundations

I would not categorise C as an “easy” language… :open_mouth:

This is what I would have suggested:




Check out my reply before this in which i did write that code foundations is a good option :smile:

I appreciate all your helpful insights and will check out Code Foundations and Computer Science paths as suggested by @irlfede.

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Between C++ and C# which one is considered more difficult?

I would say that C# is the easier of the two.

C++ might be more difficult, but it is probably better at a wider range of uses than C#.

(C++ wouldn’t be my recommendation for the first bit of programming you do. )

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thanks bro but can i reach?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.