Which course for a Web application?

Hi there.

I have an idea of building a web business application in the financial area.
So , in short, a front-end with some data entry forms, reports and behind ofcourse some database.
Which of the couple “Web Deleveopment”-courses are recommended for my need?


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You’ll probably want a mix of the web-dev (HTML, CSS, Javascript), SQL, python (geared towards pandas for producing reports) + some framework.


This one would be ok?

The only thing is that it does not contian Python. Python is needed for the API programming, right? In the one above Node.JS is taking that part, right?
Or, are there some areas where Python is unreplaceable?


It’s for the backend if you’re going to use flask or django.
You could do PHP/laravel instead too.

If you want want more specific pros and cons look for webdev forums where they specifically go over pros/cons of django vs laravel vs nodejs.

I personally think python is one of the easier language to learn and its useful and easy to use flask (personally). I wouldn’t immediately jump to node.js for something like this but that’s a personal preference.