Which companies look for newbie programmers for internships?

Hi y’all! I am about 25% completed with the web development path and was wondering about the next steps. I have also started a personal portfolio trying to get a resume website put together.

I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations on companies that has internships (paid or unpaid both fine) for new front-end developers or web developers. Any and all recommendations appreciated!

I know I still have more to go in my courses, but I want to begin scouting because some of these places do take some time to get back and by then, I would have gotten farther along in my learning.

Have you considered using a job board or something like Glassdoor to find internship positions near you, or failing that searching Google for “developer internship” and seeing what comes back?

May companies to that, you need to use job search boards\engines and filter by internship. Also, ready this

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Thank you! I just read through your post and will make sure to get started on that. As you mentioned in your post, companies don’t want to waste money. I also think companies might not want to waste time on new developers even if it’s an unpaid internship (not information to support this claim) which is why I’m curious if there are some companies/industries that are well known for helping new developers with limited experience. This being said, I fully intent to continue to practice on my own and build my own portfolio.

I have done this. Similar to my comment to peachesmotorsports, I’m concerned if companies might not want to waste their time with new developers even if they are unpaid internships. I’m just assuming and I do fully intend to practice on my own and build my own portfolio. Just curious if there are specific companies or industries that are known for helping new developers. I have tried searching this information myself, but haven’t found much and was hoping someone here could share some insider knowledge.

I meant that they don’t want to waste money therefore, they’re picky about what people they select for their internships, which is why you should be prepared and learn more that just what is offered here. Many companies take interns, they usually do it during a specific time of the year or when they have a new project.

You’re not going to find a list of companies here, if you truly want a list of companies that take interns then you need to talk to a recruiter or a staffing firm. Here you will find some suggestions based on experience, considering the global situation internships might be limited.

We also don’t know where you live so it’s hard to give you an option. The only company I would recommend is OverDrive in Cleveland, OH. They’re great people and they have an awesome product, I know they’re hiring but I don’t know if they’re taking interns. The remote positions they have are very rare.

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I’ve seen posts on craigslist, also its very competitive, find your secret sauce, and go with it. Maybe call around and ask? I do know that companies like people that are motivated and focused.