Which coding course is the best to code phone apps?

I want to code some apps but I don’t know which course that would optimal for coding apps, any sugtestions?

That depends, there is much choice. There are the native languages for each OS (C# for windows phone, java for android (although, last i read you can now use other languages that support JVM like kotlin), and swift for ios)

then there are plenty of cross platform tools (phonegap, react native and more) if you are making a simpler app.

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@stetim94 How do I know then what I should go for? All I know is that I want to program game apps

Games are generally to heavy to write in cross platform tools, so you would have to go for the native language of the different mobile operating systems.

or you could look into game engines (like unreal engine 4 and similar engines) to see what platforms they support. And if these engines support the kind of game you want to build

i can’t answer this question for you, in the end, you have to decide what fits your goal.

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