Which code challenge solution is better?

im doing a code challenge on creating a python list function that removes the start to end in the list. I want to get your opinion on which solution is better. i personally like mine better I think its more readable for me but tell me which one you like and why so I can improve how I write my code.

This one is my solution

this is the codecademy’s solution

We often read that, better is a subjective term. In technical terms we refer to the measurement by complexity, both time and resource overhead.

Neither of those measurements is within the purview of introductory programming, not by a league. At this stage we are learning syntax, data types, operators, constructs, functions, objects and methods, built-ins, &c. That’s enough on one’s plate to digest. Leave efficiency concerns for when they matter.


interesting I appreciate the input I do think I get a little carried away in getting ahead of myself for sure. alot of the time because of that It gives me imposter syndrome

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