Which career path should I choose

Hello! I’m a doctor, but currently I don’t work because I’m taking care of my 10 month old son and I want a second baby. I had a lot of time to think about my life. Conclusions - I’m not happy about my job - years of hard studies, later years of hard work, incredible stress, unfriendly environment etc. + no time for what I loved to do - photography, photoshop, adobe illustrator, drawing, creative stuff… I found Codecademy because I was thinking how to combine all of that and turn my lost hobbies into a job. Would front-end engineer career path be a good choice? I started this path and I must say that I find it really interesting. I’ll be happy to get any advise :slight_smile:

Hey Magda,

In terms of development, front-end is definitely closest to your interests.

I’m thinking you might also be interested in UX/UI design, since you’re on the creative side of things. It’s about designing user interfaces, but also so much more. Add to that some coding skills, and you’d be on the right path to Product Design (full-stack designer, if you will).

Another option, again considering drawing, photoshop, illustrator, etc. would be to look into graphic design. Quite a few UI designers also have a background in graphic design, from what I’ve seen.

If you solely wanna stick to code, then yes, the front-end path is a good choice.


Thank you so much for your answer!

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