Which book should I pick up to learn JavaScript as a complete novice?

I am complete novice, to both programming and JavaScript. I do not know programming fundamentals, JavaScript basics, or any programming language. I only know HTML and CSS. I was looking for a physical book (paper) to learn JavaScript. I did a number of Google searches and read reviews but most books seem to presume that the reader knows at least the fundamentals of JavaScript and has some experience tinkering with it. Could you please list some books to learn JavaScript from the ground-up (starting with fundamentals), the book teaches from ground-up and assumes no previous knowledge on the reader’s part except HTML and CSS? In addition, while I will practice writing JavaScript along with reading the book, the book, while starting with basics, should be packed with enough information so that I can build a cool web app by the end of reading it. with Furthermore, if possible could you link a webpage with a good list of books to learn JavaScript for a complete novice, to both programming and JavaScript, having never written code except HTML and CSS. If possible, the book should teach ES6. Please do not suggest Eloquent JavaScript and You Don’t Know JS Yet by Kyle Simpson because I have already taken a look at it and it is a more ‘intermediate’ book in my opinion. The author himself notes - “If you are new to programming or JS, be aware that these books are not intended as a gentle “intro to JavaScript.” This material is, at times, complex and challenging, and goes much deeper than is typical for a first-time learner. You’re welcome here no matter what your background is, but these books are written assuming you’re already comfortable with JS and have at least 6–9 months experience with it.” . Thank you for your help!

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One book I really liked because it brought JavaScript to the browser is “JavaScript & JQuery: interactive front-end web development” by Jon Duckett.

You can probably find it online as a free PDF download.

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Hello @course1157758153

TheJavaScript & JQuery Interactive Front-end Web Development by Jon Duckett is excellent. The book may seem expensive but it is well worth the money for beginners. Listed are my reasons why:

  • Full of examples that use laymen terms to explain the technical concepts.
  • The book does not have a lot of words on the pages; hence, you find yourself focusing on concepts.
  • Explanations are written very clearly using color photos or diagrams and numbered steps.
  • My understanding has greatly improved where I can explain what I have learned in a simple manner.

I highly recommend the book and consider it an investment in my future.

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