Where's the reset button?

The new Python courses have come out which is great-- and I want to start taking them, but when I want to start learning, Codecademy will let me pass each and every lesson/module without me typing anything at all.

So, I got to ‘skip’ all the lessons effortlessly which isn’t cool :frowning: . And it said that I finished this course on my page even though I have done nothing at all.

The course doesn’t appear on my dashboard… I have to access it here (the new course is the first one at the top):

Also, the continue (%1) button (below) is broken; it redirects me to the same Python page.

To sum this all up,
I cannot reset the whole Python course (I’ve pressed the little reset button, but it’s useless because if I leave the lesson and come back to the same page, it still lets me pass).
The Continue button is broken.
I get to pass without doing anything other than pressing Next.

Help or possible information on the issue would be greatly appreciated.



I hope you have written a BUG-report within the course,!!!


Yeah I have, thanks for saying that. I’m posting it here to bring it to the attention of others… and to see if anyone else knows of this problem or has info about it.
I mean, if there’s not really anything new in the Python 3 courses, then I can wait on doing them, but I do want to finish them (on my own), and know whats wrong.

If anyone needs me to clarify on some things in the topic, let me know. :slight_smile:


I can only guess
I think they are merging all users
this would then mean the users
who were
in the old-course but not completed
in the old-course completed
in the old-course completed and in other language
in the new-course but not completed and other language ( 1 post portogees)

they are doing it on the fly / live

God knows if they are going to do a database restore…???
if that is possible is question…


Maybe they will. :thinking: I was just looking here on the Codecademy Blog, and they’ve added some dates to the course updates (only to the ones that have been updated already). The last two are:

Summer 2017Learn jQuery new course release
Fall 2017PHP and Make an Interactive Website course sunsetting

So they may do a big website update/database restore when those last dates on those course update/deletion have been reached.