Where's the gif?


‘HTML box’

what is that ??

like where’s the picture? where’s the gif?

or video youtube

it doesnt explain or show us anything

where should can we actually start learning?

cos this link page told us aboustley nothing and we still have no idea how to code or anything

seems like filler content, empty unhelpful content

it uses this word ‘HTML’ so many times on this time and yet showed us abosutely nothing…

abosutely nothing

‘Learning HTML is first step in creating websites’

if its the 1st step why isnt it at the very beginning ?? it has all this clutter, who can make this better

where to send feedback so they fix this ?

i put this

<p font-family="Arial";>

dont work


it’s only showing 1 way to ‘style’

where to find all the ways? where on web?

for example what if we wanted to change all visited links on a page to a color?


want a slim fast track way to learn w/e this html thing is

only very basic things of html

looking for source where you learn ONLY basic things of html

extremly confusing

so can learn css fast already

This is the very first exercise in the course. It is expected that it will provide a brief overview of what will be covered in the course, not teach you the entire course in one exercise. It takes time to learn anything, HTML included. Navigate through the course as it was intended to be followed and you’ll have a decent understanding and ability to write HTML by the end of it.


Where do you see this? This isn’t on the exercise.

You’ll learn these in later lessons. You need to understand what HTML does, its syntax, and more basic components of the language before you delve into more complicated topics.

It’s not unhelpful at all. You need to first understand why you’re using HTML, its capabilities, and its applications. Without knowing an object’s purpose, it’d be like learning to use a computer without knowing what a computer is used for.

Progress through the course exercise by exercise, module by module (press the “Next” button). Without an understanding of the basics, how can you understand complexities?

a:visited { color: purple }
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doesnt work

  1. where are we suppose to put it?
  2. does the other code matter or it dont matter ? we can just put anywhere?
  3. if can put anywhere then why doesnt it work
  4. whats diff between a:visited + :visited ?
  5. what links shows us the difference and what they do exactly speicficaclly exactly
  6. what link shows us all basics of a:visited + :visited so that we can actually use it

this part section should be in css not html ?

We are given that there are three static document types being imported into a single namespace. That’s the memory where all the magic happens. The HTML formulates the DOM, the CSS populates it with style properties, and the JS lays in wait to spring forth with user triggered behaviors, apart from those that went into the page load.

If we find that last statement confusing, then we need to step back. If needs be, right to the very beginning and start over with a fresh view.

The browser. That’s what we’re composing for. Every device is equipped with one. What’s more the technology has evolved to omit the browser and merely use its scripting engine in apps, along with its HTML and CSS APIs for the UX.

Where do you wish to begin?