Where's the complaint section?


This may be the wrong section to place this thread, but I could not find a “site feedback” or a forum along those lines. I am having some issues with the Python 3 course. I know that these things get revised from time to time, but I do feel the need to report the issues I’m having. My complaint is that some of these exorcises are ill designed and as such, aren’t teaching me as much because frequently I have to figure out where code academy went wrong, then where I went wrong, all while learning to code as a complete newb. Where to begin:

  1. Its not good to have 5 steps in one… exercise. Well, lets just call them 5 “Green check boxes”. Those little boxes over on the left hand side of the screen where it shows you if you did a step right. More than once I’ve run into a situation where I couldn’t figure it out, and I needed to hit the “Give me the solution!” button. Well, that breaks if on one of the steps, you needed to go back and change a thing or two in the previous steps. Now I can’t see where I went wrong, because of that. Giving me the solution, when the solution was to change things from the way they were in step one, doesn’t help me at all. I need the solution to each individual green check box, each individual step. Not all 5 steps at once, showing the completed code. That doesn’t help me at all.

  2. For some reason you can’t submit a bug report on some of the exercises. That is why I had to come here to explain these issues, and I have no idea if anyone involved changing the site, will ever see this.

  3. Another problem, is that on my last 4 exercises, the explanation and examples given on the left, (where the green check boxes are) do not reflect what I’m supposed to be doing on the right. Specifically the various exorcises involving the “Engrossing Grocers”. I’ve noticed that when I finally get the correct answer, it has little to do with the example given over on the left. In the python 2 course which I completed 40% of, this was rarely the case. Often times you could look over to the left, and get a pretty good idea of what they were asking you to do on the right, in the editor. This just doesn’t seem to be the case with most of the python 3 exercises. Don’t get me wrong its along the same lines, but its clear from the correct final answer, that they’re too far from being the same. Why was this changed from the way that things were in the python 2 course? It really helped me out and taught me a lot. Now I’m having to fight just to make it through most exorcises in the python 3 course.

As such, it makes me start to wonder if its just me, or if Python 3 is inherently just a harder language to learn than Python 2, and that perhaps I should just stick with Python 2 instead of Python 3. I doubt that this is the case, and I draw the conclusion that since the Python 3 course is newer, its more rough around the edges.

If anyone could direct me to the actual complaint department, I’d greatly appreciate it.


You can find bug report under the “get help” button now lower right corner in any exercise.

Ow and an exorcise is something completely different :P.


I think you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing I need to mention is that it marks some of them wrong, when they’re right. And it will even say that they’re right, when you hit the “Give me the solution” button. Here is a link to an exercise that just did it to me:


The instructions say to:

Call create_spreadsheet , with a title of "Downloads" .

I did that, and I even copied and pasted their own code, that it fills in when you hit the “Give me the solution” button. Which is simply: create_spreadsheet(“Downloads”) - and that’s it. If you can’t copy and paste their own right answer and have it mark the answer correct, something is wrong. It marks this code as wrong. And at the bottom of the editor it says “Did you make sure to call create_spreadsheet with “Downloads” as the argument”? This is clearly a bug that totally breaks the exercise. You can’t proceed without just hitting “give me the solution”. And how is that going to help you learn anything.

I’d like to see these issues fixed asap. It does this a lot. Codeacadamy isn’t cheap for us mere students, and we need it to work since we’re paying for it.


I cant look at that exercise because I haven’t started the Python course yet but I get your frustration. What I normally do is report the bug, and knowing that I did it the correct way, just continue ;).

With any products there are flaws and I have nothing but respect for the effort they put into making theses courses.