Where's LUA?

ROBLOX is one of the biggest online games out there, where you can program and make your own games to share with the community. There aren’t many tutorials online on how to learn LUA (and if I’m not wrong LUA is modified for ROBLOX), there are YouTube tutorials, even a wiki. But those are the only sources. Many people have tried to make a game on ROBLOX, but they simply can’t due to the fact that the LUA is one of the hardest languages to find on the internet.

Not only for this platform called Roblox, but for many other applications.

Talking about money, there are many kids out there willing to pay to learn LUA just so they can make their own games in ROBLOX.

Lets just get something straight here, Lua was not made for Roblox. Lua was made to increase customization in software.

Before I give you a bunch of lists for online tutorials, we should discuss the money thing.
Lua was made in 1993, so naturally there are textbooks available on it, not to mention you can hire a private tutor if you so desire.

Now the links,

  • https://www.lua.org/pil/1.html (the official lua website's book/tutorial)
  • https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/
  • http://luatut.com/crash_course.html
  • Another
  • And another

Another great resource

While I do agree that it does sound like an interesting course, they do not have it included in their upcoming change post


Being well versed in RBXLUA (As it is called) I would be more than happy to help pioneer a RBXLUA course to help people learn how to use it, it is after all a very flexible and powerful language.

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LUA is extemely easy to use and learn if pythons here why isnt LUA???