Where to write css codes (not in the codecamy site)


if I can write html(hyper text markup language)codes in notepad or wordpad ,where I can write the codes of css(cascading style sheets)


The same place as you would write html. You are able to create a new file and link your html to your css. You don't have to worry about getting a second program for that :slight_smile:

You create a new file with .css at the end and then you create the link between your html & your css.


As @williamwallacef14 says, same place

You may want to use a more powerful editor though, to give you some basic features like syntax highlighting, line numbers .. stuff

This one covers your essential needs and is under a copyleft license that protects your freedom (yay)

There are more powerful general-purpose editors (several under questionable licenses) and a couple that specialise in front-end web development (too specific? but very useful in that scenario)


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