Where to start?


Hi all,

I am new to coding, and I would love to learn more about general coding as it pertains to data analysis and the business world (my occupation is mgmt consultant). I was reading that I should probably start with Python. Any recommendations on where to start, what “paths” to follow, would be greatly appreciate it!


Seems you answered your own question? Any python and general programming concepts you can learn is good


Thanks. Was mostly wondering if there was a specific path I should follow in learning these?


No, just take one or several python courses, to have a good understanding about python and then move on to data science, you can learn about panda and numpy.

And mostly, just practice, a lot


Yep, python would probably be the way to go. I source talent for the business world and Python users are starting to be in high demand


I honestly believe your path should be Python, JavaScript, PHP, then HTML.
This is what I started with, except I didn’t do PHP much :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone. I wanted to add something more but you have already mentioned everything :stuck_out_tongue:


go to youtube and watch CS50 lectures by David Malan too if you have time.


Python is a nice course to start because the language overall is easy. But there are two paths:

The Web Development path:
The Web Development path contains the languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and others. These are used to build webpages.

Programming Path:
This path is more used to create apps and other things. The languages to name a few are Python, C++, and Java.

I hope this helps =)