Where to start?

Hello everyone, im new in this community. The fact that i also just started coding makes it even more diffucult to navitage around in questions like, where should i start? Which skills are nessecary to have to be able to do different kinds of coding. Right now im doing to this course called “Create Your Lambda Function” But i do make mistakes at every step, so i think it’s not the right place to start. I would like to be able to do coding for Alexa, but which courses should i do, before continuing this course?
Any tips or feedback are welcome.


I would recommend starting with Python if you’re looking to get into heavy mainly backend coding. It’s what most schools start you out on (if not Java). I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it’s to give you good coding habits with the indention and organization.

Personally, I haven’t taken the Alexa coding course yet, so I don’t know what the backbone for it is. But as far as battling general coding confusion, if Python proves to be too complicating for a first language, I would point you to HTML to start with, and when you finish that, take a more indepth look at CSS (the design language for the web). When you finish both of those, do the JavaScript course.


Without disagreeing entirely with rhyscrypto, I would recommend starting with CSS/HTML/JavaScript if you have no programming experience.

Since these languages take only a few hours to complete and are less complex than Python you can get some programming in and have a basic understanding of some logic. Since you are indicating difficulty, perhaps trying CSS/HTML/JavaScript may be of value.

I do have some professional programming experience and came here to update my skills. I took the HTML/CSS/JavaScript courses first. They have value on their own and the skills can be built on in more complex languages. Besides, they really only take a few hours to complete.