Where to start with Data Science

I want to learn Data Science but I have zero experience in programming, where should I start?

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Knowing which branch of programming you want to learn is already a pretty big achievement, so kudos!

I suggest you check out the Data Science path, as it’s meant to give you the basic tools that you’ll need to start your journey.

I’ve only started learning SQL four days ago and I already feel confident making queries, handling my own research and solving problems, so I’m sure you’ll find it just as easy, challenging (in a good way) and entertaining!

Good luck with your studies :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this too.

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Thank you Luis, I was going through that module and I didn’t find any “introduction to” or any basic course, I guess it wasn’t ordered in a difficulty level, I will check again and start there, I already started Learn SQL which I found looking at the whole catalog, I hope this one counts for Data Science

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I believe the courses coming through the paths are a PRO feature, but this introductory module should be available to anyone (to get people interested in buying the bonus features, I’m sure).

In any case, you can always check the introduction and proceed, as you have, with finding the content for the languages referenced there elsewhere on the website. SQL is the best introduction to Data Science, so you’re on the right track for sure.


You’re welcome, I’m glad it was of use :slight_smile:

I found this today, seems to be a fun intro project and you only have to start out with the SQL lessons:

Good luck!

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Programming is means to achieve goals in data science. Start learning python. It is not going to be tough job to learn python and getting a good hold won’t take much time. Once you have hold on basic python, learn dataframes and pandas library.

Once you’re at this stage, you will figure out your way to learn more about data science.

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