Where to start if am choose my career as programmer

If I take my career as a programmer what should I need to get a job?

Well that depends. You can view programming like binary, I/O. There’s front end programming, making websites and GUIs, and there’s backend programming, designing UX and managing databases.

What type of programmer are you looking to be?

I’ll assuming Software Engineer, so to start with, I’ll recommend the python course to help you get into the programming methodology and mindset and then the Java course, as it is a common language for making software.

When you finish those, I’d point you to SQL, as it is a much needed knowledge for backend programming and software engineering in which you have user data and storage. (There’s also a Second SQL Course about Table Transformation, but just a warning that everyone has different opinions on SQL. You’ll either hate it or like it.)

When you finish that, I’d recommend looking elsewhere for courses on the C languages, as well as books on cyber-security and software security. A good book I can think of is The Web Application Hackers Handbook as it talks a lot about how people exploit software and different security measures that you can use to prevent this.

As far as C courses go, Reddit offers a nice list of resources for C++ and probably other languages, if you search I’m sure you’ll find.


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