Where to start? data analyst path or data scientist path

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I’m a university student(not in CS major), I learned some codings, such as basic R, python, Java… I want to pursue a career as a data scientist in the future, here in Codecademy, should I go through the data analyst path before the data scientist path or I can start right from the data scientist path since they are both introduced as beginner-friendly?

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Heyo o/

As far as I am aware all of the carer courses start with the foundations. So I’ll say start with the data scientist course. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
For example I am currently doing the Full-stack course, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything by not doing the the top or back stack courses.

Hope that helped, and good luck on which ever path you chose!

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If you want to pursue DS, then that path seems to be the best choice.

There is some overlap between lessons on those two paths, so, if you’ve completed it on one path, it’s marked as complete in other paths and courses.

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thx!! :laughing:I think I’ll just take the DS path!

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that’s new info to me! I think I’ll start with DS path then :grin: Thx!!