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Hi every one. My name is Robert, im new on this site and trying to learn coding and transform it to my profession.
I read a lot about different sites where to strat learning to code, and I rested here! Still I have some questions and the more bothering of them all is:
If I want to learn coding so that I can become a programmer (c++, java etc.) should I start whit HTML and CSS?
Becouse after enrolling first lessons made me study HTML concept not a certain programing language.


Hi @sz.robert87,

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

It really depends on your goal. A programmer is a broad and general term. Specificity will narrow down which language you will need to learn.

Few general guides, if you’re looking for developing:

  • Android app - Java
  • IOS app - Swift
  • Data Science analysis - Python
  • Web page (web design) - HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Web app - Front End (HTML, CSS & JavaScript with different frameworks, Angular, React …)
  • Web app - Back End (Server-scripting language, Python, Ruby, Php …)
  • Games - C, C++, C# Java etc (Games engine: Unreal, Unity…)

On that note, you can head to the catalog section:

To choose the subject categories you interested in or filter the courses offered by type of languages.

Other than that, I’ve written a post just recently about start with learning HTML, hope it helps in your situation:


Thank you very much for your kind answer. The discussion you sent me was extremle useful.
I have a goal, I set my self to become a full-stock program developer. Im ready to work hard for that, I just need to identify the right tools.
So please tell me is html css and java script usefoul or necessary fot that? or its a waste of time in terms that il never use them in my future program developing job.
Im pleased to meet you and thank you again!

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Hi @sz.robert87,

If full-stack is what you wish to become, then yes, you should start learning with HTML, CSS then your first coding language JavaScript, familiarize with different JavaScript frameworks and that’s only the Front-end part. Proceed to understand and learn the Back-end part with server-scripting languages like Python and Ruby together with their related frameworks too in order to become Full-stack.

Codecademy wrote about a full-stack curriculum in their blog post previously:

I’ll leave you with another good read about what it takes to be a full-stack:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Exelent materials for meeting this domain ! After reading it, I came back to your text and I could say that its a very good resume of the entire articole :slight_smile:
Seems you’ve got it all figured out!!!
May I please ask you one more question for today, because I`m a little confused…
The thing that i would like to learn and work in the future is buildind and developing programs (software). I realize now after reading the material you sent me that maith be diferent from what i previously old you my goal is.
I apologize for my confusion. I think now that Softwer Developer would be the correct term to define my goal. So i return now to my previous questions for identifying the right tools in achieving that and if html; css and so on are any usefel now or in the future. Because as i told you its the first thing that i started with on CodeAcademy. Thank you, again! Best regards!

I have very limited knowledge about that part. Maybe others can help. Developing software seems like another field to me, if you’re talking about computer software like Adobe suite for one example, that involves a lot of design, planning as well as programming. I can’t say much about the rest. But, google is your best way to go, from a cursory search:

As I mentioned in another post, HTML is not officially considered a programming language, but learning and knowing it won’t harm you. Just my personal opinion, if someone finds HTML hard to understand, he/she might need to rethink whether programming path is really for them or not (nonetheless, some people can excel in other languages and despise the other). Software developer or software engineering deals lot not only with coding, but more on research and algorithms and some other complexities.

Don’t just take my words for it, google more about the things you want, you can always skip HTML, straight to learning Java if you want to. Then back to HTML if you feel liking it. Your progress, your own choice and decisions.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the answers my friend ! They where very useful for me. Best regards!

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Hey how do you start coding? Like to learn coding…