Where to start coding a website

Ok so first of all I do not really know how to code yet but im learning, but I have a question. Once ive learned how to code where would I input this could to make it a website?

There are two stages in making a website:

building the website, this can be done locally, you just need a text-editor, i would recommend a text-editor which is suitable for programming, atom is really good, free and open source.

With atom, you can just write html and css files on your local computer. This then becomes known as the development environment.

once you have made enough progress, you get to the second stage, you can publish your website online.

If you would work as front-end developer, there would be a stage between both stages. Lets call it the testing environment, where you can “publish” your code for other people within your company to review it, before it makes it ways to the real/live production website.


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