Where to next?


I am brand new to coding. I just completed the Code Foundations Pro course. I can definitely see myself loving it down the line. With that being said though, I have no idea where to go next. The reason I started coding was mostly because I always thought it was so fascinating. My other hobby is learning languages and the idea of learning code languages just seemed right.

I have a " the world is your oyster" approach to these new types of endeavors and just want to learn as much as I can. My question is where would I start for something like this?

I originally wanted to start learning Python but then I see articles that mention JavaScript is best to start off with. I had a couple people then tell me the opposite that it is actual Python. This is all new ground for me. I am eager to learn but I am overwhelmed by just how much options.

Thank in advance for anyone who chooses to respond to this!

Also, if some of you do not mind, I would love to know where you all started with your coding journeys!

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Both python and Javascript are an option, also depending on the direction you want to go in

Javascript is languages with more quirks then Python (in my opinion), so I would very likely choice python. Javascript is a good choice if you want to get into front-end web development

I started right here on codecademy, but quite a while ago. I think in 2015, although I am still active on the forum, I barely do any of the exercises anymore.

I eventually also consulted other resources: MDN (for html, css and Javascript documentation), the official python docs, udemy, edx, freecodecamp and codewars (solving challenges in language of your choice)

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Always take peoples’ advice with a grain of salt. It’s all subjective.

The key is to figure out what technologies (or jobs/careers) really interest you and what you would like to build and then go from there.
I’d suggest starting with Python–but, I’m biased. :joy:
My background is in sociology (not programming) and I’ve always been interested in data (qualitative and quantitative), so I gravitated towards gathering, understanding, and analyzing data around me. I started learning Python via Zed Shaw’s LPTHW (Learn Python the Hard Way) many years ago and then continued via some other online schools and here on CC. Basically, I’m always learning.

I can tell you to never stop learning :slight_smile: :woman_technologist:

Happy coding!

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You and the other comment mentioned preferring Python so I think I will start there. Thank you for taking the time to share!

I am involved mostly with biology, bioengineering to be more specific. I find myself doing a similar thing so this comment is quite helpful. Thank you for stopping and sharing!

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