Where to look for Front-End Dev Internships?

I’ve been trying to search for a front-end job lately in my area but most of them require experience in the field (which i dont have) and a bunch of other skills other than the ones I know being (HTML,CSS,Vanilla Js) so I then turned to internships so that I could learn and get some experience but I can’t seem to find anything good there either. would anyone know of something like a good website for front-end internship or even apprenticeship ?

P.S I’m in Canada so US websites won’t do at all.

In my experience, job postings will most likely always tell you that you need x years of experience. This is quite typical of a generation who just got out of school but is required “2 years minimum in a similar position”.

Why not give it a shot anyway? If you have something to show for, like a portfolio of front-end works, you could always inquire about an entry-level position. The salary’s not good, but that’s how you get one foot in.

Also, try to find patterns of required experience/skills in your area. Notice which skills/languages/frameworks/libraries are most in demand, and learn that.

Another option would be to go the freelance way, just to get yourself some experience and a portfolio. Platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr allow this, but that’s only if you can afford not getting paid much (because there’s a lot of competition on those, and not everyone has the same wage requirements).

Just a thought, though.