Where to Learn Swift?

I want to learn the Apple Swift programming language. I looked online and was a bit overwhelmed. Can anybody suggest some good places to start learning Swift for free?

Have you read

I’d suggest Makeschool.com

They’re similar to Codeacademy but they’re solely focused on iOS development.

App Development with Swift in the iBooks store free. That book will get you programming. it has a link in it to download project files you can use in playground inside of Xcode. Also get The Swift Programming Language book which is the Documentation for the language all free.

Have you got an iPad? If so, you can download Apple’s free Swift Playgrounds app.

Also, Flatiron School’s Swift: Building iOS Apps looks very promising. I’ve not studied it myself (yet!), but Flatiron has a very good reputation.

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It is finally here on Codecademy!

Learn Swift: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-swift