Where to go next

as I have almost completed the Python3 course, I am wondering if the carrer path in computer science makes sense as intermediate step, or if I should enroll for the career path data science (which is my ultimate goal to learn). Both, the python3 and the computer science path have a lot in common, am I correct?

I have learned a lot in the python3 course, but I still have the feeling, that I would have to further solidify the python languge concept before I can move on to the data science path.

What is your general recommendation? Rather to deepen knowledge in python further fbefore moving on to data science, or is python3 sufficient enough to be able to master the data science path?

Thank you for your answer

Hello. My understanding is that the data science course starts mostly from scratch, so it will give you a time to consolidate your knowledge. So yes, I think that having done the Python 3 course is more than sufficient for the data science course.

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