Where to go after you finish the course?


Hey I'm relatively new to the coding scene and was curious how to start creating my own sites (like what software). Also any tips to help build my programming strength?
Thanks in advance.


Basically, you just need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or a text editor, and a host (a place to store your website's files whether that's locally or on a server).

If you want to make dynamic websites you'll want to learn JavaScript. Codecademy has a good course on Javascript as well as some of its popular frameworks such as AngularJS and jQuery.

Some good text editors are:

Some good IDEs for web development are:

W3Schools Web Tutorials are pretty good for referencing snippets of code for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. (http://www.w3schools.com/)

Codepen.io is a nice place to mess around without hosting a web page. It's also nice to browse other people's projects to get inspiration and see how other people code.

P.S. Google is your friend. Try making a website or a web app and use Google to help you along the way with anything you don't know how to do. It helps wonders to just dive in try to make things work (even if it seems slow sometimes).