Where to Go After Make A Website On Codecademy


I did the make a website skill on codecademy, but I don't feel like it taught me enough, especially on the css side. Where can I go for more html and css?


Hi printcoder. I am assuming you already finished the html & css course as well.

I have to say that the development of my css and html skills to proficiency was a very slow process (like 2 years). I had to let things fully sink into long term memory as well as adding more advanced topics on top of my existing knowledge base of the topic.

--The best thing you can do is continued practice of the skills you have learned.

--You can practice and develop your skills here > http://codepen.io/ , also a lot of inspiration on codepen.

--FreeCodeCamp would be a good place if you like a little more structure(You also get to learn all about javascript :slightly_smiling: ).

--And read all the css and html articles you come across; some are really great.

Not much I can say other than that. Learning html and css really wasn't a linear process for me. Very gradual with consistent and constant practice of the skills I was learning.

Hope that was a little helpful :sunny:


There are so many resources, use MDN for your documentation, you can learn more html + css on MDN, codeschool (freecodecamp is already mentioned) you can build your own projects on your own computer (codepen might be easier, but you need to make the switch at certain point)

You can also do the make a website course here on CC, which will teach you the basics of bootstrap.

There are so many possibility's, study other websites, try to recreate them. edx has an archived course on html5, which teach you all the latest recommendations. Which is also highly recommended.

If links are needed, just ask, i will provide them. If you have any further questions, do ask


I didn't think about the html &css course, but I will try.
What do you mean by study other websites?

I did the make a website course, but not the html&css course that edwin0258 mentioned.


You can easily look at html + css code of other websites, and with the right tools even download it, makes it even easier (don't pick something to complicated), even better would be to try to rebuild it

I would the html + css course, you need the basics taught there