Where to find study buddies or study groups for synced learning

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Hi everyone! I am a jolly old lifelong learner with a learning disability, specifically PI ADHD. I long to learn programming to one day support myself and better support and care for my also disabled sister. Maybe create a small NGO or a resourceful website for adult ADHD/AuDHD sufferers or those with impaired executive functions, but also a love for human progress through the use of techonology and social change. These types of resources being so severely lacking in my country.

I miss a dedicated channel or thread for those of us who struggle with course adherence and procrastination due to our health issues and disabilities, and who cannot for the life of us just do with the traditional format of “every man or woman for him/herself” study groups, which I find oriented towards knowledge sharing.

Many of us just need some kind of organized reachout to fellow students for shared study sessions in our time zone, in order to achieve the ever ellusive and sweet goal of actually finishing and benefitting from Code Academy’s courses.

Also, so many of us would feel justified in deciding or continuing to invest our (typically) already very diminished money and energy resources in this beautiful platform and its community, which I received just today a kind invite to join.

I’d be so grateful for any support or steps takem to make this simple dream possible, given that valid alternatives like focusmate.com cost money and many of us can’t afford them even if for a period of time; also, great study communities like some Discord servers are overwhelming in how they sometimes work, and the big age gap with wonderful but very young students (school, early college) makes it so difficult and daunting to feel like you belong, find study buddies, and -gasp!- not be feared as a possible online predator, which is understandable. It does feel lonely there for adults, especially males my age or +30, despite the welcoming communities they’ve built.

Specialized forums or Slack groups for IT are also devoted to helping others with doubts, tips, resources, and to networking and finding inspiration, but a post for study buddies never produced any results.

Adults my age (+50), in my humble experience, apparently never get a positive response on Reddit either in accountability subs when I mention my age and gender, and study subs are for general support amd guidance as well, with no one looking for study buddies despite so many struggling with a diagnosed/undiagnosed learning issue or disability.

A big thank you for any positive and actionable feedback or help in finding study buddies within the CA community.

Did you check out the discord server (the chat link at the top of this page)or ask other members of the Full-Stack Chapter/in the FS group page discussion?
I hear you about Discord, but there is a diverse group of learners there (and here too).

There’s a topic here for March accountability where everyone checks in every day and gives updates about where they are with studying and any roadblocks they’re having.

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Hi Lisa, many thanks for your answer. It’s very kind of you to do so, and so soon! I’m afraid I didn’t know about those, I’ll check the new users guide and the Discord in the resources pages. I wouldn’t be surorised if I already joined the Discord and forgot about it due to “Discord server cluttering”. I didn’t understand the FS reference. I was continuing to write my post for a good while after your reply since I clicked ‘post’ by mistake.

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There are many channels on the server, arranged by programming languages. People are always posting about finding fellow pair programmers and/or study partners. I can’t see the FS page bc I’m not a member, but I bet they have discussions similar to your points. If you’re in a Career Path Group you might also check there.

If you search here, you might find others who have similar stories and experiences as well.

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Like yourself I am an older male trying to get in to the working world of software development, and cant help feeling my age is a barrier. However, a more significant barrier for myself is the lack of actual work experience.

Despite having a degree in IT and computing (Hons), a Diploma in computer, and have completed several courses over the years since finishing my degree, I still feel like I am a beginner. I work for an IT company in a non IT role, desperate to change career but lack of experience is holding me back.

Undertaking this Fullstack Engineering Course has been great, I am probably way behind where I should be in terms of progress but enjoying enhancing and building on my current skillset. Another aspect that has eluded me so far is collaboration, so I would be happy to collaborate with you on some projects going forward and to provide feedback on anything you may need help with, provided I have the knowledge to do so.

I live in the UK so unsure what the time difference is for where you are, I also have a full time job and a family to take care of so my responses may be delayed, but I am on daily doing some coursework, so hopefully I can be of some help.

Best of luck with your course,



Thanks again, as I feared I already was a member! Nacho there, I’ll soon engsfe there with thers looking for a buddy and hopefully sharing progress and encouragement soon too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much Jim, I’m Spain based. I really appreciate your kind words. I also wish you the very best in your path and hope go be in contact soon!

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I found these links in addition to minhji’s thread (please excuse any mistakes in your alias), which I definitely should’ve looked up before. Sorry and thanks once more Lisa and Jim.