Where to find other variables

Hello! I am new to this very new but I truly want to learn coding. I am trying to write notes but I am having some trouble understanding something. In the exercise Multiple Colors, I was trying to change the “bounceBubbles” to “bouncing letters” (I didn’t know the code for that) but it wouldn’t run. I don’t know if I am using the wrong texts or what. Can some explain this to me and help me please? Also, where can I find variables and code ideas?
Thank you in advance for the tips and help! :innocent:

The behavior you are observing is because bounceBubbles() can’t be changed – it is dependent on another script called bubbles.js where the function bounceBubbles() is defined.

Next to index.js on the left there is a file folder button. When you get a chance click that to see the files that create the lesson. You’ll notice some scripts, and an index.html, which calls the scripts. You can explore these files and get an idea of how the web page you see on the right side of the lesson is put together. Only index.js is edited for the lesson. Come back here if you have any questions!