Where to Find Beginner Practice For Lists

I’m a beginner who just finished the “Len’s Slices” list test.

Lists are a little too much for me. I want to build muscle memory beyond rote. I don’t want to keep referring to my notes.

Where can I find free exercises concerning lists to get used to them? I’m looking for beginner to moderate for now.

PS: what are legitimate Python compilers I can download and practice on my PC instead of the internet?

Thank you!

You can download python interpreters here https://www.python.org/

Honestly some good practice is to just open an interactive interpreter and see how you manipulate things. But if you want challenges you can look into codewars/leetcode/hackerrank and see array problems for python. Mind you a lot of these are more about algorithms (in other words, tools that lists can be used for) so it’s not quite the same.

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Thank you! This still helps a lot.

As for practice, I guess I could ask friends to request something for me similar to the Len’s Slices practice. It would kind of be like having them as a client.

Downloaded an interpreter for my system from the official Python website. I don’t like how it’s visually just a terminal. Too little for my eyes to comprehend.

I prefer how Codecademy and online-python color code their lines.

Are there any interpreters like that?


Did some searching and found Pycharm via this video. Going to give it a go. Still open to suggestions! Especially free ones for now since Pycharm has a subscription.

Download vs code and a python extension and you’ll have syntax highlighting and pythonic suggestions. You can also run the interpreter in a built-in command-line.

Note that vs code and pycharm are just IDE’s/text editors, and not the actual interpreters themselves.

So for example, you might have different projects written for different python versions (3.6, 3.10, etc.) and to execute them via your IDE (integrated development environment) you’d need to have that specific python interpreter installed and pointed at when running. It’s not uncommon to have a couple of python versions.

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