Where to find all the tutorials in videos?

hi guys,
new to code academy! you know the resources and tutorials and everything are amazing, but i’m more of a hear-to-learn person. so i would really like videos far more. so is there a tab, or something that you can see all the videos related to a subject? i’ve looked around a bit, and found a videos tab, but it wasn’t complete, shown me like 9 videos on python, so let me know where to look for that.
tnx and happy coding!


There isn’t full on video instruction for every subject, but rather it’s interspersed throughout all courses. You could take a look at their YT channel for assistance but many of those videos are a little older and might not fully sync up with the current subject matter that you’re studying or in the courses, overall.
That said, if you’re stuck on a concept, you can always check other resources for free content when learning Python or other programming languages. (there’s tons on YT). I like how Dr. Chuck (Charles Severence) from the University of Michigan School of Information teaches, or, check out Zed Shaw’s Learn Python the Hard Way too.

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so in summary there’s some videos on youtube, which is a little old,and other fee resources, other than that, copium? hmm, i guess i’ll check it out, won’t bite right XD
thanks for the reply , happy coding<3