Where to do your coding


A general question:
Now that I can make my own Website, where do I actually make it? Where do I go?
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You can make your HTML, CSS and other files in normal text editors. This means notepad/textedit etc.

You CAN use specialized editors though, I suggest Brackets.


You can also use a website like GitHub so you can share your website & projects with others :slight_smile:
As jibbly said you can use an editor to type out your code codecademy has an article for you to read on a text editor called Sublime Text


So you want to create a website?

  1. Download a text editor. You can find one by typing in google. Some popular ones: Sublime Text, Notepad++
  2. Open your text editor and write code. Save it with either the .html extensions for HTML pages or .css extensions for CSS pages.
  3. Test it locally on your browser. Right-click on your file and open it with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (in fact, whatever browser you use)
  4. Publish your website. Download FTP and transport all your files in it. Choose a web host for your server.
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