Where to Begin?

I am completely new to coding, and have recently started a heavily tech based job straight out of university. I’m unfamiliar with a lot of the terminology and have no idea where to begin with code. I have already completed the introduction to coding course and am slightly overwhelmed by all of the options. What course or skill would you recommend I learn?

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Well what is it you want to do in the future? What kind of work do you like? What skills do I need to take my current work to a next level?

These are questions you have to ask yourself. Only you can find out what you like and would like to learn…

You did you do the code foundation course?


This might give you an insight on what spikes your interest.

Hi everybody, I will start with python, I just wanted to know if I should begin with the “Learn Python 2” course, the “Learn Python 3”, or both.


i would start learning python3, python2 is nearing EOL (end of life). But if you have time, also learn some of the difference to deepen your understanding why certain changes where made to python3