Where to begin, with IT world?

I am new to the forums. My friend (who is a Graphic Designer for at least a decade now) recommended the website to me. I dove into learning Python and found it very enjoyable. Then I was recommended to start with Java which is slightly more difficult I think but it’s fine.
I am a new dad, of a 4-month old, and a full-time machinist. I program everyday using software and make parts out of all kinds of material; steel, plastics, etc.
I have a degree in Applied Science and Mathematics (2-year Associate Machining Degree), so I have a little bit a head-start but not in the field I would like to succeed in. I do well at my job and it comes easy to me, but the pay and drive are not what I am looking for.
I have always looked into getting into the Tech industry, but when I went to school for machining, there was a 2-3 year wait time just to get into the CS degree program. I had to wait a year just to get into the machining program and at that time I was still living at home(at 30 yrs. old) and was motivated to do anything that would get me a job and out of my parent’s house.
Well I succeeded in machining with a 3.76 GPA and it just came easy to me, but I really enjoyed the programming more, rather than program for 30 minutes and watch the part being machine for 1.5 hrs.
Right now my motivation is to get something a little more flexible in terms of hours/location so I can be with my family more and enjoy what I like doing the most (Tech and programming).
I am just looking for some recommendations that would allow me to pursue a good career while still working full-time (if possible). I haven’t decided fully on what the career looks like, but I do enjoy learning about programming like Java and Python so far, just not sure where it could lead! Thank you!

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