Where to Ask Your Question

There’s a lot of useful material across our forums! The following post is designed to show you where you can find the information you need:

If you’re new to our forums, you may consider the Getting Started category. Within this category, you can introduce yourself to the community and get some quick tips about how to use the forums.

If you want to chat about general things unrelated to any particular course, post in community. Within this sub-category, you’ll find everything “off-topic” that isn’t covered by other categories.

If you have any account-related questions, you may find an answer in our Support category. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within this category, our help desk or support team will have an answer for you!

If you’ve found a bug on our platform, report it or go to our bug reporting group!

If you’re seeking out code-specific discussion about any particular subject taught on Codecademy, Get Help will be the category where you’ll want to ask or answer questions. If you’d prefer instead to more broadly discuss a language or framework, join the conversation in the General Programming sub-category. If you have a question about a particular exercise on Codecademy, reply to the FAQ topic on that exercise in the guide. See here for more info on how to use the FAQ feature.