Where should I start?

I use to do alot of coding years ago, due to several reasons I haven’t in years. So to say I’m rusty is a understatement. I love coding and everything that goes along with it. I want have a career in it. I was just looking for suggestions on where to start back up.

Should I start in a program that ends in a certificate or should I start somewhere smaller? Also do all courses have a certificate of completion? Like would I get one for finishing just python ?

I wouldn’t make my decision dependent on a certificate of completion. On the one hand, you get a certificate of completion for each course, on the other hand, I think you would rather impress a potential employer with your portfolio than with a certificate.
It’s difficult to give an advice unless you’d be a little more specific what you’d like to do as a job.

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This is a question that gets asked a lot here. And, I mean, A LOT. (just search for it :mag: )

But, answering such a question is really difficult b/c the answers people seek are subjective in nature.

I echo what @mirja_t said above. I will also add:

  • figure out what interests you and what you want to build/create. Do some research on that;

  • have a look at the S.O. Dev survey from 2022

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Thank you for accepting me in the forum :slight_smile: