Where should I start my website?

I read a book that said I should use Textedit, but what about CSS and J avascript? I need a good webhost and a good place to practice my own code.

What’s your O/S?
There are a bunch of free text editors. Lots of ppl swear by Visual Studio. I’ve used it along w/ Textedit, Notepad ++, textwrangler (defunct) which is now BBEdit. I guess it depends on personal preference too. Everyone will have a different answer. :slight_smile:
Here’s an example of some free ones with pro-cons:

As far as webhosts…I’m not sure. Perhaps someone else can chime in on that. I’ve used Bluehost and it’s fine for what I need (I also have WP), though, their billing and customer service is not my favorite…

My code editor of choice is Visual Studio Code.

For “practice”, if you’re developing with just HTML/CSS/JavaScript then you can run everything locally from your computer by simply opening the page in your browser. (There may be some functionality differences, but nothing too severe as far as I know.)


Thanks! You guys have been really helpful, i am so glad I found forums! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


@zipporahbrooklyn I also use Bluehost and WP, here I am talking about a Codeacademy project.
But when I am practicing with HTML, CSS, JS I just use VS Code and my browser (Chrome or Firefox).

So I’ll break into several part. and this can be useful with your workflow or even helping you with tool capability.

  1. Text Editor or IDE?

The answer is just using text editor than download full IDE such VS 2020. The good option is Atom by Github where had several plugins such emmet.io, Kite JavaScript, and built-in github. or you can using VS Code where it’s just downsize IDE-to-Text Editor from VS 2020, still had feature even had some benefit such .c/.cpp plugins.
They both can run HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, and many more. if your pc is not over 8GB, then try online IDE such codesandbox.io, codeanywhere.com, spck editor, or codepen.io

  1. Location and Domain

For this, I’ll say Github, they free and it not only can be as tool to showing how many contribution on repo but also your Portfolio pages. just make (username).github.io on your repo and adding index.html. done, when opening the pages, they will direct to your index.html on master branch.

  1. Git tools

GitKraken, This is free for personal and full feature with LFS, GPG, SSH, and commit tree. don’t forget to install git, git-lfs, gnupg or win4pgp, and other tools to helping you securing your files and sites.

  1. Custom Domain and DNS with SSL

If you already had enough money or just wanna free custom domain, go to freenom, and cloudflare. freenom allow you to had 1 year free domain while cloudflare personal is always free.

If you had see such forestry.io, netlify, hugo, angular, react. just do it one by one. better to learn how to make style for your site with Figma, since their personal is free and unlimited, you can design your Portfolio and learning css and sass from reading the code.