Where should I go next? What worked for you?!?

Looking for suggestions on where I should head next… I recently completed Learn HTML & Learn CSS. Both very basic, I know. I work in a small IT capacity at my current job but I guess you can say I’d like to learn more to maybe land a dream future career. Should I jump into the Full-Stack Engineering course or dive back into learning HTML & CSS “in and out” then maybe JavaScript before other courses?

Just looking for some direction on what path I should take

Hi, @donatelo21 welcome to the forums.

If you know the basics of HTML and CSS no I don’t think you should learn them in and out because of things like CC docs and MDN web docs so you don’t need to memorize everything. And before you dive into the full stack course try learning a backend language to see if you like the backend. The bottom line is to do what you enjoy.

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Do you have a suggestion for a backend course, or language to try?

Personally, I never got into the backend because I don’t really like it. Here are a few back end languages:

JS (some of it is front end)

These are some that I think of off the top of my head. There are a lot of others thought.

Much appreciated. Thanks!

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You won’t know what you enjoy until you’ve been properly immersed in it for years. Looking for pleasure in the early days is like expecting to win a lottery. When you’ve a thousand hours doing something then you can decide if it is time well spent.

Bottom line, create no limits, and have no expectations. Explore. Absorb. Take in everything you can that looks interesting. Your objectives will formulate themselves along the line. Work with what you learn and visualize the possibilities that are unfolding as you add to that, according to your own needs assessment as you progress.