Where should I continue after codecademy?

I’ve taken the java course, with a goal of modding minecraft and having an option to find a job, and I’m getting closer and closer to finishing it. However, as I try to learn from mods’ code, I don’t quite understand much. I know I should probably read Forge documentation before delving into modding, but is the experience I gain here enough to begin my journey?

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If you’re talking about Minecraft specifically, I’d say you’d need to search the Minecraft community. I don’t know much about it so I can’t help there. However, if you’re planning on expanding your knowledge of Java, you may want to search sites like GitHub for projects that are publicly available and dive in. I’ve found that part of expanding knowledge on a specific language involves seeing how other approach certain problems.

i,d recommend udemi its good , very good

sspmark who are you really?

Who are you I am Adnan

Coursera is also the best learning platform