Where should I begin?


Hey everyone! Having wonderful time learning coding.
If I want to create my own app or own website by using whatever I have learnt in codeacademy. Where must I begin? Could someone please help me and tell me about it......It would be a great help.....Thanks again.........


app is to broad, there is so much which qualify as app.

For a website, you just need a text-editor (notepad for example, but i would go with something slightly better: notepad++) and you can just create html and css files (see youtube, explaining something like this on a forum is so difficult), did you check the tips and resources section on the forum under community? There are some great tips and resources there, also related to your question


A website it easy — you just need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and (maybe) Javascript. You could also use a web framework for fun, but that's really not needed.

As for an app, you just have think of what you want to make and then make it.