Where or what can i use to practice HTML on my own?


I jsust finished up the learn HTML course and was wondering if anyone knew of a program or webstie where i could practice coding in HTML.

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Hello and welcome @mega8964700355!!

Congratulations on finishing the HTML course! Here’s a couple places for you to test out your new knowledge (online):

If you want to try developing offline, check out VS Code. Here is the link to download it (and this teaches you how to use it efficiently).

Congratulations again on completing HTML!! :blush:


Thank you @firebreather65

This knowledge will be used well

No problem! Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Welcome, and congratulations on finishing the HTML course!

Frontend Mentor has an offering of free code challenges that you can filter by difficulty level. The ‘newbie’ ones use HTML and CSS, so that would be a good place for you to start.

Happy coding!


I know this wasn’t originally my post, but thank you for sharing another link - this actually helped me learn something new and somewhere else to code :smiley:

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