I have completed the course ’ Make a Website’ and I want to make my own Website but I do not know where to write the details of the website in my computer.Pl guide me.

Well, i would start with getting a good text-editor (notepad++, or even better sublime text)

Then i recommend you make a directory, (for example make a directory called website in your documents), now using notepad++/sublime text you can save html and css files there

Now, it is pretty hard to explain how to make html files in notepad++ in a reply on a forum, happily there youtube, which has this video, which can do that explaining for me

Now, this is just to make a website, make yourself comfortable with this, before we move on to publish your website

I have not understood Notepad++ and how to save the html &css files.
I am not a computer expert and if you can explain the details step by step so that i can really start writing code to create my website.
Rajesh 71 yrs old

It is really hard to explain, that is why i linked to a video (the words: this video, in my first answer lead to a youtube video which explains this)

I do assume you know how to download notepad++?

@stetim94 said that you should probably get a good text editor like N ++ or Sublime Text, but if that’s too hard for you , don’t worry about it.

Obviously you know the code to make websites, so now you need to make a folder to put your website files in and start making the site.
You can use Notepad or whatever text editor you want for this. Open the editor, type your code, and save it. When the ‘save as’ screen comes up , make sure your document ends in .html and where it says file type underneath, set it to ‘All files (.*)’. Once it is saved you can open it with your web browser and it will work.

I also want to say that I admire you, sir. I mean a 71 yr old learning to code? That’s new. And awesome - I wish there were more adults like you.

Hope that helps!

(15 yrs old Btw.)