Where is the typo in my code?

Hi All

I read the thread but I am still getting an error

> all_students = ["Alex", "Briana", "Cheri", "Daniele", "Dora", "Minerva", "Alexa", "Obie", "Arius", "Loki"]
> students_in_poetry = []
> while len(students_in_poetry) < 6:
>   name = all_students.pop()
>   students_in_poetry.append(name)
> print (students_in_poetry)
> output : ['Loki', 'Arius', 'Obie', 'Alexa', 'Minerva', 'Dora']
> Error:
> Expected the `students_in_poetry` list to be printed

I have tried various coding statements and they give the output to satisfy the first part of the exercise, but I am not able to get past the second part!!
What am i doing wrong?

Nothing we can see. However, the SCT may not be expecting whitespace.

print (students_in_poetry)

Try removing that space.

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