Where is the problem


Write your own if / else statement.
The only instruction is that the result of evaluating the statement is a log to the console of "I finished my first course!".
There are three steps to an if / else statement.
1. Work out what condition you want
2. If the condition is true, work out what code you want to run.
3. If it is false, work out the other code you want to run!

if ("yay".length > 3) {
console.log("I finished my first course!");
else {
console.log("this condition is false");

where the problem if anybody can help?



if ("yay".length > 2)


if ("yay".length >= 3)

now see is it working or not?


yea.length isn't greater then 3, so the if condition is evaluated to false, and your else will run. so your code logs: this condition is false, which is the wrong thing to log

Can you provide the url of the exercise?