Where is the picture? Two Dimensional Array-project

I wrote code, it is compile without any error, but the picture I edit is not shown on screen after running.
The solution only show one original picture.

in main:

int[][] neg=negativeColor(imageData); twoDToImage(neg,"./negative_apple.jpg");

method define:

public static int[][] negativeColor(int[][] imageTwoD) { // TODO: Fill in the code for this method int[][] negative2D=imageTwoD; int i=0; for(i=0;i<imageTwoD.length;i++){ int j=0; for(j=0;j<imageTwoD[0].length;j++){ int[] rgba = getRGBAFromPixel(imageTwoD[i][j]); rgba[0]=255-rgba[0]; rgba[1]=255-rgba[1]; rgba[2]=255-rgba[2]; negative2D[i][j]=getColorIntValFromRGBA(rgba); } } return negative2D; }