Where is the Flexbox course?

In the first chapter of the Grid CSS course, you mention a Flexbox CSS course but i can’t find it.
Would you help me find that course ? It really interrest me.

Thanx in advance and thanx you for your great work !


See if your can find the Build a Website course module. I believe that unit covers introduction to Flexbox. Last year I believe an article on Flexbox was added to the Corner Bar Weekend Reading topic. That will be worth digging up just for the good read.

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Ok thanx mft but i still can’t find it. i’m digging up.

Thx you anyway

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I’ve dug around and can only find a course in the Pro-Intensives which we cannot access.

Here is the Weekend Reading article…

Weekend CSS reading - Flexbox

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Sorry mtf i had a lot to do meanwhile but thx you :slight_smile:

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