Where is the code that interprets the form submission?

When I finished this task, I submitted a username and a password and I received an answer from the form that said " Hurray for client-side validation!". However, I do not see the code that creates this answer in the html file. Where is this code written?

normally the form is send to the back-end (server), where its processed. In this case, that is prevented and JS handles the form (see login.js), there should be a directory/folder icon somewhere which shows you all the files in this exercise


You are right! I found the directory and there are 4 files (2 html, 1 CSS and 1 JS called login.js).

You have been of great help. Now I understand a bit more what happens in this code.


I haven’t really done much, you went through the code and improved your own understanding. Nice job :slight_smile: