Where is SQLite living?

Hi everyone,

I am a WIndows user and just finished installing sqlite3 as part of the data science -> Go Off-Platform with SQL -> What is SQLite?

The article says to download the file from the website and then install it from the folder that is in the downloads/ folder. I did it all and successfully installed SQLite. So, where’s SQLite living at the moment? I don’t usually like to keep folders in my downloads folder and usually keep it tidy.

Having followed the article on how to install it, here’s the question - can I delete the sqlite folder inside downloads?

Hello @frankjimenez93270473, you can probably move the SQLite file out of the downloads.

I suppose to find the file you just search for it.

Ok that makes sense. I am sorry but very new to this world! I thought it was installed in a way that could cause an error if I moved the file to somewhere else!

Many thanks

As far as I know, as long as you keep all the files together, then it will work anywhere on your laptop.

That’s great. Many thanks.

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