Where is PHP?

The PHP course dissappeard…

php course was removed


But what to do than with forms than?

what forms?


Does this mean that there is NOT going to be an updated version of the PHP course? How are we supposed to learn how to interact with DBs and such without a server-side language? Are you guys bringing in another language such as ASP?

PHP is by a long shot not the only language which can interact with a database, languages that are taught by codecademy the can serve as web back-end and interact with DB:

python (django, flask)
ruby (Ruby on rails, which is taught in course)
javascript (nodeJS)


Fair enough. I was looking forward to learning PHP, though. It’s still widely used, as far as I’m told.
Thanks for the answer anyways. I thought I was going to be left hanging with back-end programming.

Now, semi-related question: Should I rearrange my stack to put python, ruby, nodeJS and java BEFORE I learn about DBs?

Thank you

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Then still, the PHP course was outdated and bugged, so be glad you don’t have to. Find a better resource to learn PHP

you shouldn’t learn all those, just one of the languages will suit you (or find alternative resource for PHP)

you can learn about databases and SQL while learning Java/ruby/python/javascript


That’s a very good point. I’m still in college and I’ll be learning PHP next semester. I’m using cA as a sort of ‘jumpstart’ on my education.
I’ll follow your advice, then.

Thanks a lot


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