Where is my mistake, could anybody please explain?



my code seems to be right, but in all of cases the answer turns default.

var user = prompt("If you had one wish, what would you choose? To have much money, to travel back in time or to ask for more wishes?").toUpperCase();

switch(user) {
    case 'to have much money':
        console.log("It's still limited and will end whenever");
    case 'to travel back in time':
        console.log("You'll be able to see more interesting things!");
    case 'to ask for more wishes':
        console.log("You're so sly!");
      console.log("Not a bad idea!");


you are converting the user input to uppercase, and then compare it with lower sentences cases. String comparison is case sensitive. So, it is going to run the default case


It worked out! Thanks ,man)