Where is my indentation error?

Under #My Code is what I wrote
I could not find the differences between solution and my code, it kept popping out an error. Confusing.

Somewhere there is a <tab> rather two spaces. Un-indent everything to the leftmost margin, then re-indent using two spaces for each level of indentation.

Thanks, hope the text editor has an auto syntax correction function. always looking for spaces error. :frowning:

When inside a block, the editor is pretty good at inserting the correct indent. Leaving the block is when it gets dicey. Stuff gets messed up.

First rule? Don’t rely on the editor. It’s your code, your indents. Habit is a better tool in the workflow picture than any feature an IDE can provide. When you have that, you can leverage it in any IDE.

That`s true, thanks. For the picture I posted, it is impossible to target the the problem through eyes.

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